Dahua ARC3000H-03-W2 Wireless Security Alarm KIT

Dahua ARC3000H-03-W2 Wireless Security Alarm KIT

All-new Dahua wireless technology, which is easy to install, more reliable, has a stable performance and of course the new design.

From the comfort of the mobile apps DMSS and COS Pro, you can receive real-time notifications, monitor and control your device, perform remote operations, and more.

Mainly applied for villas, shops, apartments, etc.

• Supports 150 wireless peripherals (6 sirens, 64 wireless keyfobs).
• Peripherals status display (signal strength, battery level, temperature, program version).
• Automatic network replenishment (ANR).
• Video linkage on App.
• SOS emergency call.
• Frequency hopping function and two-way communication technology ensure communication stability.
• Cloud update and automatic recovery from update failure.

3-Year Warranty & Support Included

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